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Here you will find ideas for use in the classroom. I was a middle school language arts teacher for 16 years, so most of the ideas are geared toward this level. However, most teachers have become adept at modifying other teachers' ideas for use in their own classrooms.  

I am now a high school language arts teacher for English as a Second Language students.  This will become the new focus for additions to Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk.  However, all of the original content will remain.

I hope you find some ideas you can borrow and adapt for your classroom.


Please come back soon for new ideas.

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The Grammar section is growing! I'm working on pages for each of the eight parts of speech, which will include free downloadable posters. Each page will also include definitions, activities and lessons, online games, and books for teaching the part of speech.


The Classroom Management section has ideas for many areas of classroom management.  Those areas currently include getting organized, bulletin boards, where to find inexpensive items, icebreakers, review games, simplifying the work load, activities for the first day, welcoming new teachers, rewards, and ideas for a postcard exchange.
The Feedback section offers several means for you to let me know what you think of Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk.
The Kim's Kreations section is a mini-catalog of masters for manipulative materials that I have created.


The Bookstore section provides two options.  

1) Various links to, the cheapest source I have found for books. 

2) Recommendations for books and direct links to  There are sections on all different types of resources, including wordless picture books, six trait resources, and many others.

Kim's Favorites is a list of links to some of my favorite sites for online publications, teacher forums and message boards, lesson plan sites, and writing sites.
The Awards section showcases the awards and honors that have been bestowed on Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk.  When visiting this page, you will find links to some excellent websites.
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